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SOMO is a Berlin based purpose driven Start-Up founded in 2020 by a team of passionate humans with big dreams and aspirations for a more sustainable future.


Climate change is a pressing issue that we cannot keep ignoring. We are aware that the moment to act is now or never. After personally struggling to find existing solutions that actually help tackle climate change individually for free, we decided that it was time to act and bring you a different kind of app, one that would remove the friction to fight climate change.


Every one of us has had doubts when it comes to the question of how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. There is a lot of pseudo action going on in the sustainability community, and this is one of the reasons why we wanted to bring an app to bring you the latest, scientifically proven insights on how to tackle climate change from an individual point of view. We help you discern right from wrong. Besides that, what we do is simple, all we need from you is the unused potential of your smartphone, and with that we generate revenues of which 90% will be invested in sustainability projects (70%) and Market education (20%). We support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Meet The Team


Dr. Abdolreza Eshghipour

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CTO and Co-Founder


Virginia García

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CPO and Co-Founder


Arndt Feddersen

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COO and Co-Founder


Neal Brüwer

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Inverstor and Board Member